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Hair straightener Hairway 04048

Hair straightener Hairway 04048
2-3 Days
Hair straightener Hairway 04048


   Hair straightener Hairway 04048

   Ceramic masia with complete ceramic heating plates

   Temperature setting from 140 ° to 210 ° C

   Rotation cable 2.50 meters

   Slab size: 90 x 28 mm

   Power: 170 W

   Weight 600 gr

Hair straightener Hairway 04048

    If you are one of the women who use hair straightener, then the following tips will be very useful for you

How big should the straightener be?

   The general rule is that the closer and weaker your hair is, the thinner the iron should be. On the contrary, women with long hair with thick hair should prefer a wide straightener.

How hot should the iron be?

    The hair burns at the same temperature as the paper, ie at about 270 degrees Celsius. According to experts, the maximum recommended temperature for the iron is 180 degrees. If you have thin or brittle, prefer not to exceed 160 degrees.

Tip for wavy hair

     If you want to make your straight hair wavy, do this very simple trick: knit three tight braids and tie them with rubber bands. Then press them with the straightener two, three times. Allow the hair to cool in between. When you are done, remove the rubber bands and the curls are ready!

Tip for extra soft hair

  For silky hair, use a comb with many, thin "teeth" at the same time as the Ironway 5160. The comb will loosen any knots in your hair as long as the iron straightens them. Place the straightener on top of the comb and comb at the same time.

Tip for extra volume

  If you want your hair to gain more volume, use a round brush along with the iron. First, straighten the tuft at the top of the head with the iron and then wrap it in the brush. Unroll slowly by stretching the brush upwards and, as you unwind, pass the tuft through the iron. Wrap the tuft again by "lowering" the brush towards your head and let your hair cool for a while. When you feel that it is no longer too hot, repeat the process once more.

How to clean the hair iron

   Styling products applied to the hair can leave residues and stains on the press plates. To clean the appliance, you can use a damp (caution: not wet) soft cloth and wipe it when it is cold. If the stains are persistent, try applying oxygen or making a paste of water and baking soda which you can rub with a toothbrush on the ceramic tiles. Wipe gently with a clean, damp cloth (caution! No water!) We also undertake its service

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