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Hair Styling

Brand: BioNak Model: KO-0401
Description:   Ampoules against hair loss Bionak 10ml.   The package contains 12 pieces of 10ml.  Code: KO-0401..
Brand: Lativell Model: KO-0302
Description:       Decoupage sachet Lativell 15gr in white powder. Package 15gr .Code: ΚΟ-0302..
Brand: Vita Model: KO-0206
Description:         Hairstyle foam in GEL.         Ideal for curls.         Strong grip for all hair types.     &nb..
hair Foam Bionak hair Foam Bionak
Brand: BioNak Model: ΚΟ-0801
Description:          Hair foam bionak 250ml          For very strong hold and long-lasting volume. Specially designed composition with provitamin B5.         It offers..
Brand: Helen Seward Model: KO-0203
Description:       Helen Seward hair straightening cream.       Moisturizes and protects hair,       Giving a long lasting straight and smooth look. Package 100ml. Code: ΚΟ-0203..
Brand: Lativell Model: KO-0201
Description:        Bionak hair wax jar. Packaging 120ml Code: ΚΟ-0201..
Brand: Lativell Model: KO-0200
Description:       Jelly Bionak jar       Moderate grip       Degree of holding 3. Package 200ml. Code: ΚΟ-0200..
Brand: Lativell Model: KO-0222
Description:          Lac Bionak strong grip. Packaging: 400ml Code: KO-0222..
Lac strong lativell grip
Brand: Lativell Model: KO-0212
Description:         Lativell lacquer strong hold with pure alcohol,         Allows the hair to be combed even after spraying. Packaging: 500ml Code: KO-0212..
Brand: Helen Seward Model: ΚΟ-400
Description:      Lacquer With Color Helen Seward Finet 400 ml      Varnish with professional use paint,      Extends the intermediate time between paints by covering.     Selected color the roots, even white hair..
Brand: Lativell Model: KO-5551
Description:         Liquid hairspray for all hair types. Strong grip.         Ecological product without propellant gas for perfect fixation and long life.        It dries..
No grey lotion extra keratin
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Brand: KristalHair Professional Model: KO-0402
No gray extra keratin lotionDescription:Lotion that restores natural hair color200grInstructions for use:Before the first application, wash well and dry the hairShake well before each useApply a few drops to the hair roots and apply the product with a comb or with your fingers if the hair is close e..
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