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Hair's Caring

Brand: Helen Seward Model: KO-0203
Description:       Helen Seward hair straightening cream.       Moisturizes and protects hair,       Giving a long lasting straight and smooth look. Package 100ml. Code: ΚΟ-0203..
Shampoo Farcom Silver
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Brand: Lativell Model: KO-0120
Description:      Farcom Silver Tone Shampoo 300ml.      Silver Tone is a specially designed shampoo that prevents the appearance of yellowness       In gray, white and dyed blonde hair,      Thanks to the neutralizing agent it contains.&nb..
Brand: Lativell Model: KO-0130
Description:    Bionak shampoo     Against hair loss. Package 200ml Code: KO-0130..
Brand: BioNak Model: KO-0129
Description:     Bionak shampoo       Against oiliness Package 200ml Code: KO-0129..
Brand: Lativell Model: KO-0128
Description:      Bionak shampoo      Against dandruff - dry skin. Package 200ml Code: KO-0130 ..
Brand: Helen Seward Model: KO-0305
Description:      Helen Seward Silicone Protects against hair clippings and damaged ends and instant shine.      Package 50ml.       Code: KO-0305..
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